Success at school can be increased through regular, punctual attendance. However, we realize that there may be times when appointments, illness, or unforeseen events necessitate that students be absent during school times. Following the guidelines below will assist the school in accurately reporting attendance.

Students/parents should:

Bring a signed note from a parent/guardian upon their return to school. Failure to do so will result in the absence being deemed inexcusable. A parental phone call to the school as to the reason and date of the absence is also acceptable. When no call is made to the school the 'Automated Attendance Call Out' via PowerSchool will contact the parent/guardian to determine the reason for the absence.

Students who have an appointment or are being picked up by a parent/guardian must sign out at the office and in upon their return, if this occurs during the school day. Verbal or written permission by a parent/guardian must be provided when signing out.

All students are expected to remain on the school grounds throughout the school day unless attending an appointment and follow the procedure noted in point 2 above, as we operate as a closed campus.

Classes are sometimes affected by field trips on specific core or complementary subjects. Even though some students may be away from school for a field trip, regular classes are held and it is the responsibility of all other students to be in attendance.

Students are accountable for any assignments/work, etc. missed during absences.

In extreme cases, chronic attendance concerns may result in the school recommending involvement of the Attendance Board.

Being Late

Students must make every effort to be punctual for all classes. Being late for a class not only affects the learning process for the student involved, but also disrupts the learning environment for the whole class. Initially, the teacher will take disciplinary action for avoidable and habitual tardiness. Those students who are late may be expected to make up for lost time at noon or after school hours.

Students who are late for any reason must register in the office and obtain a late slip prior to gaining admittance to class.